Regency Man Monday - Sick Day

Sorry Janeites, but I've been down and out with a sinus infection and have neither a plan nor the energy to throw together a half way decent post.  Instead let's just think back to the 2005 P&P and how enjoyable it would be to have the man you love bumble about while you were sick:


Monday Post - A Letter from J. S. Clarke, Librarian.

I was at a lost for what to post today when I saw a tweet from The Republic of Pemberley's twitter account.

This made me think of a meme that some book blogs due where they share what books they have recently received in the mail on Monday mornings.

Once a month, on a Monday I'll share a letter Jane either received or sent on (or near) that date.

So today's letter is the one mentioned in the above tweet:
DEAR MADAM, -- It is certainly not incumbent on you to dedicate your work now in the press to His Royal Highness; but if you wish to do the Regent that honour either now or at any future period I am happy to send you that permission, which need not require any more trouble or solicitation on your part.

Your late works, Madam, and in particular "Mansfield Park," reflect the highest honour on your genius and your principles. In every new work your mind seems to increase its energy and power of discrimination. The Regent has read and admired all your publications.

Accept my best thanks for the pleasure your volumes have given me. In the perusal of them I felt a great inclination to write and say so. And I also, dear Madam, wished to be allowed to ask you to delineate in some future work the habits of life, and character, and enthusiasm of a clergyman, who should pass his time between the metropolis and the country, who should be something like Beattie's Minstrel --

Silent when glad, affectionate tho' shy,
And in his looks was most demurely sad;
And now he laughed aloud, yet none knew why.

Neither Goldsmith, nor La Fontaine in his "Tableau de Famille," have in my mind quite delineated an English clergyman, at least of the present day, fond of and entirely engaged in literature, no man's enemy but his own. Pray, dear Madam, think of these things.

Believe me at all times with sincerity and
respect, your faithful and obliged servant,
J. S. Clarke, Librarian.


Podcasting with Jane - Dear Bitches, Smart Authors Podcast

This isn't a podcast I listen too regularly, (I read the blog) but this was one interview I couldn't pass up listening too. Sarah, the host of the podcast interviewed Juliette Wells, the editor and annotator of the 200th-anniversary edition of Emma.

You can find the podcast and show notes here.

Some highlights-

  • Juliette talks about how 'hard' it is to work at Goucher where they have a collection of rare Jane Austen editions.

  • She talks about getting to edit Emma for the whole year celebration (1815/1816).

  • She talks about the code in reading Jane, so the way you can't just read the words, you have to understand the subtilties and wittiness of the writing. 

  • Juliette reveals which actor is her favorite Darcy.

  • She discusses some recent P&P adaptations.

  • She talks about the founding of JASNA and the AGM.

Happy Listening!