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Trying something new here on the blog, using a random word generator I will get a word and find it in one of Jane's novels. I will share that quote here. 


The admiral abused him for his want of gallantry. He defended himself: though professing that he would never willingly admit any ladies on board a ship of his, excepting for a ball, or a visit, which a few hours might comprehend.

--Persuasion, Chapter 8


Wordy Wednesday 23

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I know this isn't directly related to Jane Austen, but it made me think of Captain Wentworth's 'half agony, half hope.'

If we take his half agony as half empty then his agony of his past with Anne is diminishing which means his half hope is his half full and it's growing. 

The more time he spends with Anne his agony is emptying out as his hope filling.