Fun Friday: Poll Results - Clueless Yes or No?


This month we asked you about your opinions on the movie clueless, which turned 20 on July 19th.

The first question we asked was Do you like the movie Clueless?  100% of respondents said yes! 

The second question we asked was Do you think Clueless is an acceptable adaptation of Emma? 40% of respondents said No and 60% of respondents said Yes


Friday Fun - Folding a Regency Letter

I bookmarked this post back in May and then promptly forgot about it. The blog Her Reputation for Accomplishment is full of things that Jane Austen would have learned during her life time and shows the modern person how to accomplish these skills.

Over the years I've had pen pals. We've always started off strong, letters back and forth frequently but as time passes there is more and more gaps in between letters until finally it just stops. Recently I started using Postcrossing, which is a site that allows people to send and receive postcards from around the world. I enjoy writing letters and mailing them off so a blog post called Anatomy of a Regency Letter certainly caught my attention.

This post discusses things like the paper used

and the format of writing the letter.

It also shows you how to properly fold a letter for mailing.

Her Reputation for Accomplishment also has a lot of other posts on Handwriting and Letter Writing if you are interested. 


Austen in August Book List #AustenInAugustRBR

 I know it's a bit scary but August is only a few weeks away.  Where has 2015 gone in such a hurry?  Adam at Roof Beam Reader is again hosting the annual, Austen in August reading event.  If you are interested in participating you can sing up over at Roof Beam Reader.

I went through all the Austen related books I've amassed in my Nook and Kindle libraries and have come up with four books that I'll be reading and reviewing for the month.