Eclipses in the Regency Era

So if you are in North America you might be full of Eclipse Frenzy today. 

This got me thinking about Jane and if she ever saw a total eclipse.

Sadly she didn't. There was no Total Solar Eclipse visible from the United Kingdom between 1724 and 1925 according to Wikipedia.

From 1775 to 1817 there were 10 partial eclipses that were visible from somewhere in the United Kingdom. For a complete list of solar eclipses visible from the United Kingdom between AD 1501 and AD 2500, see the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, February 2001.

Below is a screen shot of the eclipses that happened during the Regency.

Have a safe day today!


First Line Friday - Letter to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen

Letter One

The City of Invention
Cairns, Australia, October
My dear Alice, 
It was good to get your letter. I am a long way from home here; almost in exile. And you ask me for advice, which is warming, and makes me believe I must know something; or at any rate more than you. 

Letters to Alice on first reading Jane Austen

Summary of Letters to Alice on Frist Reading Jane Austen by Fay Weldon from Goodreads:

Inspired by a series of instructive letters written by Austen to a novel-writing niece, Letters to Alice is an epistolary novel in which an important modern writer responds to her niece's complaint that Jane Austen is boring and irrelevant. By turns passionate and ironic, "Aunt Fay" makes Alice think--not only about books and literature, but also life and culture.


Monday Book Recommendation

Author: Kathleen A. Flynn
Publication Date: May 2, 2017

Synopsis: England, 1815: Two travelers—Rachel Katzman and Liam Finucane—arrive in a field, disheveled and weighed down with hidden money. They are not what they seem, but colleagues from a technologically advanced future, posing as a doctor and his spinster sister. While Rachel and Liam aren’t the first team of time travelers, their mission is the most audacious yet: meet, befriend, and steal from Jane Austen.

Carefully selected and rigorously trained by The Royal Institute for Special Topics in Physics, disaster-relief doctor Rachel and actor-turned-scholar Liam have little in common excerpt their extraordinary circumstances. Circumstances that call for Rachel to stifle her independent nature and let Liam take the lead as they infiltrate Austen’s circle via her favorite brother, Henry.

But diagnosing Jane’s fatal illness and obtaining an unpublished novel hinted at in her letters pose enough of a challenge without the convolutions of living a lie. While her friendship with Jane deepens and her relationship with Liam grows complicated, Rachel fights to reconcile her true self with the constrictions of 19th century society. As their portal to the future prepares to close, Rachel and Liam struggle with their directive to leave history as they found it…however heartbreaking that proves.

Review:  This book has been getting mixed reviews but they all seem to be good. Here are some you can check out:

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RIP Robert Hardy

Actor Robert Hardy passed away this week.

Robert Hardy as General Tinley

With his instantly recognisable voice and British bulldog manner, Robert Hardy enjoyed a distinguished acting career which spanned eight decades.  
By the time he endeared himself to television audiences in the BBC's All Creatures Great and Small, he had already carved out a reputation as one of Britain's most versatile actors.  
While his earlier career gave him a firm grounding in the theatre his best known roles were in front of the camera - particularly in television, a medium he obviously enjoyed.  
He became something of a specialist in the role of Sir Winston Churchill, playing the great man on half a dozen occasions as well as being in demand to reproduce the wartime leader's voice.
-From BBC's Obituary for Robert Hardy. You can read the full obit here.

Besides all his wonderful rolls he portrayed General Tinley in the 1987's Northanger Abbey and Sir John Middleton in 1995's Sense and Sensibility.

Robert Hardy as Sir John Middleton