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'Ella' bring Amish life to fair tale -
Archer resident Sarah Price is publishing a book this month that places the story of Cinderella in an Amish setting. ... She has rewritten three Jane Austen books as Amish books: "Emma," "Price and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility."

Obituary: Dumbledore's double, RAF man and RHS judge Harry Robinson - The Oxford Times
In addition to his time working on the Harry Potter films, he appeared in two Jane Austen adaptations - Pride and Prejudice and Emma - as well as Nanny Mcphee.

New way forward for Chawton House - Alton Post Gazette
A new strategy to ensure the future of Chawton House was unveiled to Alresford, Alton and Four Marks and Medstead Rotary clubs.

 The Great American Read and other books lists - Chicago Now

6 of the Best 'Back to School' Films - The Hollywood News

10 tips for Meghan Markle on her wedding day from Princess Mia of Genovia - Entertainment Weekly
#2 DO remember the immortal words of Jane Austen: "Where she feared most to fail, she was most sure of success, for those to whom she endeavored to give pleasure were prepossessed in her favor." In other words: Most people are ready to like you. Let them.

After Watching the Latest Little Women Adaptation, I Think I'm a Marmee Now - The Muse

Emeritus English professor who wrote Jane Austen biography dies - Vanderbilt News
John W. Halperin, Centennial Professor of English, emeritus, died March 1 at his home in La Jolla, California. He was 76 years old. ... Halperin was a prolific author and editor who books included ... Jane Austen's Lovers (1988) ... as well as biographies of Jane Austen .... He was short-listed twice for the Pulitzer Prize for ... The Life of Jane Austen.


Meet the Janeites - Chris

Name: Chris

How did you become a Janeite?  Reading Pride and Prejudice in high school

Favorite Jane Austen Novel?  Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Character?  Elizabeth Bennett and Anne Elliot

Favorite Movie Adaptation?  1995 Pride and Prejudice

Any Sequels or Adaptations you enjoy?  Bride and Prejudice

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Book Quote Monday

Trying something new here on the blog, using a random word generator I will get a word and find it in one of Jane's novels. I will share that quote here. 


I was rather disappointed that I did not hear from her again speedily; but I made excuses for her, and was too busy, and -- may I add? too cheerful in my views to be captious. We removed to Windsor; and two days afterwards I received a parcel from her, my own letters all returned! and a few lines at the same time by the post, stating her extreme surprise at not having had the smallest reply to her last; and adding, that as silence on such a point could not be misconstrued, and as it must be equally desirable to both to have every subordinate arrangement concluded as soon as possible, she now sent me, by a safe conveyance, all my letters, and requested, that if I could not directly command her's, so as to send them to Highbury within a week, I would forward them after that period to her at -- : in short, the full direction to Mr. Smallridge's, near Bristol, stared me in the face.

--Emma, Chapter 50