Kindle Owners Take Note

The British Library has engaged in an agreement with Amazon to allow Kindle users to download for free some 65,000 titles from their collection of 19th-century works, many of which were out of print, but which are now in the public domain. Titles by Austen, Dickens, and the Bront√ęs are included, as are a number of lesser-known works. Those of us without Kindles will have the ability to use Amazon's print-on-demand capabilities through CreateSpace to purchase a print copy of the works.
This is for those of you who have a Kindle. A deal was struck deal by the British Library and Amazon to make 65,000 largely out-of-print 19th Century titles available on Amazon as free downloads for Amazon Kindle owners.

Covering the likes of Dickens, Austen, and Conan Doyle, the 65,000 titles also include a range of lesser know Victorian classics such as, A Strange Story by Edward Lytton, one of the period's most popular novelists - now largely neglected, and The Story of a Modern Woman by Ella Hepworth Dixon, described as 'the greatest unread novel of female struggle'.

To read the entire article explaining the deal click here.

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