Living in Young Victoria

Amy Merrick is a designer who often takes movies and finds all the delightful things associated with them so that we can find ourselves imagining living in one of the movies. This week however, one of her protege, Amy Elizabeth from Williamsburg, Brooklyn might pinch hit with Young Victoria! I’ve had Young Victoria in my DVD collection for quite a while, and even though not a contemporary of Jane Austen, I think there are enough of us here that love a period piece that will indulge this post just the same. This is one beautiful movie and – except for the corset part – this is the kind of movie that I’d just love to crawl into. Who am I kidding – I’ve never met a period piece that I didn’t like.
[image above, clockwise from top left: medieval knights chess set $174.95 (similar to shown), tufted wallpaper, easel and paint kit $98.99, 3 tier server $29.99, vendome gold goblet $17.99, pear drop earrings $81 (similar to shown) sconce $315, iron crown $44]

I love how everything is lightened up – it’s not that heavy Victoriana – this the Queen young and in love and thin (OK, she was probably never as thin as Emily Blunt, but in her later years, she sure could chow!) My favorite part of the movie? Definitely when after her five hour coronation, she actually returns to the palace and gives her beloved pooch – Dash – a bath!

[image above, clockwise from top left: topysy-turvy wallpaper $148, top hat head band (band is missing from photo) $18.50, emersonmade corsage $325, wax seal $34, silver bell $2.95, crystal candelabra $114.14, palace glass $22, cone topiary $62, king charles spaniel (from cavalier rescue usa)]

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