Book Suggestion Tuesday

The Brontës Went to Woolworth's by Rachel Ferguson

Three years ago I was proposed to. I couldn’t accept the man, much as I liked him, because I was in love with Sherlock Holmes. For Holmes and his personality and brain I had a force of feeling which, for the time, converted living men to shadows. After all, isn’t most love the worship of an idea or an illusion? Isn’t flesh and blood the least part of the business?

Journalist Deirdre Carne and her two young sisters enjoy an extremely rich fantasy life in 1930s London. Many people don’t understand the girls’ created “realities,” including a charming and very intricate imagined friendship with a real high-court judge in their neighborhood. When Deirdre actually befriends the judge’s wife—in real life—the sisters find themselves having to reconcile fact and fiction. The Brontë sisters do play an unpredictable role in the book, but devotees be warned—the Carnes are not fans of the Brontës’ work (at one point, for example, one of the Carne sisters reports that Emily, though long deceased, is working on a new book called Swithering Depths!). Full of endearing characters and enchanting surprises, this novel from 1931 is quite the literary escapade! (CH) From Bas Bleu

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