Olivia does it again!

From A Field Journal: First up are these miniature silk and satin bonnets (4.5" across widest part of brim); they're based on this 1830s bonnet from the Old Sturbridge Village collection (the pale blue, deep rose and aged muslin ties on that particular piece are just gorgeous). To make a miniature version of my own, I drafted a pattern which you can download for personal use by clicking here. For more instructions and supply tips, read on.

Instructions: To begin cut the pattern from light-weight cardboard and cover each piece in material. I adhered the fabric by running it through my Xyron sticker maker and then applying it to the cardboard pattern piece. Assemble the bonnet using a strong, quick-drying fabric glue (I use Fabri-tac) and line the inside of the bonnet with cardstock for a clean look. I also added part of an oversized cupcake liner to create a ruffled look under the brim. Finally add your trims.

Trims: I didn't have any vintage millinery, so instead I had to be resourceful in the silk flower department (which I'm usually not a fan of). The velvety roses shown above began as brownish hydrangea petals plucked off an artificial stem. I dyed them with fabric dye and then cut out individual petals and refashioned them into rose blooms. I also found an stem of small fabric flowers that were suited to this project. Additional trims used: floral pips, grossgrain ribbon, faux bois ribbon, gold microbeads, iridescent sequins, ric rac. For leaves, I treated yellow-green silk with fabric stiffener, let dry and cut out leaf shapes.

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