Living in Emma

From Amy M for Design*Sponge:

Emma is the one story that stands above all others when it comes to summertime picnic perfection. Since summer is officially in full swing, I’ve got an itch to take the party outside, and Emma shows us how exquisitely. Overflowing baskets and mountains of strawberries, pretty glasses and straw hats — thanks to Jane Austen, there is no better way to dine outdoors.

Even if it isn’t my all-time favorite Austen adaptation (hi, Sense and Sensibility), it’s hard not to fall under Emma Woodhouse’s spell. Flighty and self-absorbed but hopelessly well meaning, she’s the first Austen heroine who has the best of the best in beautiful things. Watching her unwittingly tangle up romances left and right is a real treat given that everything she touches is perfectly charming and the sweetest blend of fancy and country. The tents alone make you want to beg her to set you up with a suitor, even if you know she’ll only muck it up in the end.

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