My Top Five Weekly Finds Online

I know not everyone is into social media so you've missed out on some of the great things I've been sharing. There is a lot of great Jane Austen related material out on the Internet and I've been lucky enough to get emerged into it all. So I will be posting a blog every week of my top five picks that I have shared through out the week.

  1. There is this great website called inReads that's is trying to bring the social media culture and reading together. - Remixing Jane Austen –

  2. Do you remember Mad Libs? If so you have to try out this Pride & Prejudice “Mad Libs” app by Angie Knoll -

  3. Georgiana Darcy needed help finding a mate so she went on The Dating Game! Who is your favorite?

  4. Pride and Prejudice the musical is coming to Broadway for the New York Musical Theater Festival and they shared this story - Isn't Love Wonderful? A soldier's perspective on Pride and Prejudice

  5. My last pick is something unique. If you haven't heard of Esty it's the online equivalent of a craft show. There is a ton of great Jane Austen and Regency inspired designs and art work on the site and this is my newest find. A Jane Austen print on a recycled dictionary page

I participated in the #austenesque Twitter Party and got to talk to some really terrific Austenesque fans and authors. The Twitter Party was a fast paced conversation with many different topics and it was a struggle to keep up with it all. I talked briefly about Captain Wentworth (my new found favorite Austen hero). There was a discussion about a two different Col. Fitzwilliam stories coming out and about a duel between them both. There was also a thought provoking discussion about Col. Brandon and his seriousness, his age compared to Marianne and whether or not he would have been better suited for Elinor.

I also wrote down a list of books that I shared on Twitter on Tuesday. Here's the list:
  • His Good Opinion by Nancy Kelley

  • The Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown

  • The Unexpected Miss Bennet by Patrice Sarath

  • Definitely Not Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos

  • Rainy Days and Remembrance of the Past both titles by Lory Lilian

  • Nachtstürm Castle ~ A Gothic Austen Novel by Emily C. A. Snyder
- Amelia

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