I need your help...

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest it the character or the actor that makes Captain Wentworth so...mmmm?


  1. Raquel Sallaberry19.9.12

    The actor.
    I love Penry-Jones as actor, but I prefer Ciaran HInds as Captain Wentworth.

  2. When I see Ciaran Hinds I relate to him more for his other roles, like Mr. Rochester, and Aberforth Dumbledore.

  3. Elizabeth Caldwell19.9.12

    Hmmmm...both? Although I would have to say in the case of Capt Wentworth...the actor! =)

  4. Jo Ellen19.9.12

    The character-Although the actors that have portrayed Captain Wentworth in the movies embodied the character, I fell in love with him in the pages of Persuasion.

  5. I think for me it might be both in this case, with other JA heroes it's the character more so than the actors.

  6. Persuasion was the second JA novel I read and I can understand falling in love with him while reading the book. I think since I was exposed to him before Darcy explains why Capt. Wentworth will always out rank Mr. Darcy in my book.

  7. Adriana Zardini25.9.12

    I think is the character, although Rupert is lovely and really perfect! :)


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