2013 Meeting Dates and Topics

Here is our line up for 2013.  I'm excited about what we have planned I hope you are too!

March 16 - Regency Charades presented by Mark Turner
We're hoping to meet at a library, and are currently working on setting up the meeting.  If you would like to see a glimpse of what's in store you can read Mark's blog.

May 18 - Regency Music
We'll be meeting at Jeri's home for this meeting.  A pianist will be on hand to play some music from the Regency period.

August 17 - Box Hill Picnic
We are hoping to meet at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton.

October 19 - Deborah will be doing a presentation on her book.
We'll have more information as this date gets closer.

December 15 - Jane Austen Birthday Celebration and Book Pollyanna
We'll be meeting at Connie's house for our annual get together.

As always we'll keep you up to date on any changes or additions to our schedule. There is always the chance for a group trip to some interesting location!

As we head into the new year there will be changes to our region.  We have a changing of the guard in officer positions and there will be changes here on the blog.

We have grown in 2012 and we only hope to grow more in 2013!


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