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I shared a couple of things on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that I wanted to share here too. The

First thing - The Royal Shakespeare Company has a new idea for their yearly performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Published on May 1, 2013
Midsummer Night's Dreaming is a one-off digital theatre project and our 40th interpretation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream a tale of love, fairies and mischief.

Billy Shakespeare and his pig Francis can tell you more about the story.

Across Midsummer weekend (21 -- 23 June) the play will be performed by an acting company in real time, directed by our Artistic Director Gregory Doran, culminating in a wedding, which you can attend. More information about the live events and the cast will be released shortly.

Meanwhile, the story will be shared through photos, snippets and news stories online from the perspectives of some lesser known characters, as if it was happening in real life. Where ever you are in the world you can watch the play unfold via some clever technology on our website, and we are inviting you to share your take on the production.

Find out more at RSC-Dreaming and follow the RSC on Google+

The second thing - "Alloy Digital rolled out a slate of eight original Web series...including...a promising Jane Austen-esque drama The Espressologist, based on a novel by Kristina Springer." - from this article.

Here's the book trailer:

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