Help Wanted! Needed Austenesque Books for our April Meeting!

Hello Janeites!

For our April meeting we will be discussing Austenesque books, so anything based on Jane's original works. I'd like to put together a really good list of books to present to our group.  I'd like to know what books you've loved and ones you weren't so thrilled about, cause sometimes what someone disliked about a story, is just what another reader is looking for.

So if you've got a book or 2 (or more) you'd love to share let us know by commenting here or sending us an email.  Also if you are an author send your book too! I'm always looking for new stuff to read.


  1. I would like to suggest the new Prequel to Pride and Prejudice, Follies Past. It came out in November, and has been getting some very good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The first chapter, information about the author and the book, as well as three film-style trailers, are all available on the website

  2. Anonymous11.3.14

    Where is the meeting location. Cecilia A. Hook

  3. Cecilia A. Hook15.3.14

    Hi could you please inform me of the meeting location thank you. Cecilia A. Hook


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