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Sorry for the late post (day late). I was on a small trip and forgot to plan a post (while working on a post for Friday).  JASANA-Metro NY sent this email out yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. A few of the books are no longer free but they are under $5! 

Free Books
Kindle has a number of books that Janeites might like to download,  from Austen family memoirs to current fiction. There is no indication how long the sale will last, so we suggest you take a look now.(The tinyurl website was used to shorten the links; they will all take you to Our thanks to Kerri Spennicchia for the heads up!
Behind Jane Austen's Door by Jennifer Forest

Jane Austen, Her Life and Letters A Family Record by
Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh and William Austen-Leigh

Memoir of Jane Austen by James Edward Austen-Leigh

Fidelity & Affection: A Pride & Prejudice Sequel by Yve Turner

Just Jane by Nancy Moser
Mr. Darcy in Want of a Wife (Pride and Prejudice Revisited)by Jack Gunthridge

Fall For You (The Jane Austen Academy Series) by CeciliaGray

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