Regency Man Monday - Charles Austen

This said Capt. Simpson told us, on the authority of some other Captn just
arrived from Halifax, that Charles was bringing the Cleopatra home, & that
she was probably by this time in the Channel - but, as Capt. S. was certainly in
liquor, we must not quite depend on it.
- Jane to Cassandra, April 25, 1811
Charles Austen was born on June 23, 1779.  He entered the Royal Naval Academy at 12. Like his older brother he, the navy was his chosen career and he rose to the ranks of rear admiral. In 1807 he married Frances Fitzwilliam Palmer and they had three daughters.  After Frances's death, Charles married her sister Harriet Palmer in August of 1820.  Charles and Harriet had four children.  Frances died on October 7, 1852.

In 1801, Charles was stationed on the HMS Endymion.  When he returned Portsmouth he presented each of his sister with a topaz cross on a gold chain. It is believed that these necklaces were the inspiration for the cross given to Fanny by her brother in Mansfield Park.

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