Regency Woman Wednesday - Cassandra Leigh Austen

Cassandra Leigh Austen

Cassandra Leigh was born in September of 1739. The Leigh family a distinguished family. Her great-great-great-great-grandfather was Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord Mayor of London. In 1561, Thomas Leigh and Roland Hill purchased Stoneleigh Abbey and a house was built on the site of the monastical buildings. Some of Leigh's descendants lived in the estate from 1561 to 1990.  Cassandra and the girls stayed at the Abbey after George's passing. You can read more about that visit here.

Casandra met George when she was visiting her uncle at Oxford.  He was so taken by her that he followed her to Bath to continue their courtship. They were married in Bath at St. Swithin’s Church, April 26, 1764. After their marriage, they moved to Hampshire where George became rector. After George's death, she moved with her daughters a number of times before settling in Chawton Cottage. Cassandra, her daughters, and Martha Lloyd lived together, sharing the running of the household.

From what letters remain we have an understanding that Cassandra and George had a happy marriage and lived a good life.

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