Movie Review - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

A group of us gathered together on Sunday to watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  When the movie came out in February we were in the process of making plans to go see it in theaters when it was gone after only (about?) a week.  So we said when it came out on streaming/DVD we'd get together to watch the movie.

We had an enjoyable time laughing at the movie and talk about what we liked and disliked.  Overall we felt it wasn't enough of a period piece nor was it enough of a zombie movie to be really good either way. That said there were some enjoyable scenes.

After the Meryton Ball when the sisters are discussing the evening is made more enjoyable by a taking place while the sisters are training. This version of Mary is less insufferable since she's doing something more than lecturing.

The same can be said of Mr. Darcy's first proposal. Lizzy and Darcy both verbally and physically fight and destroy Mr. Collins' living room.

Ah, Mr. Collins. Played by Matt Smith, he was a blend of the annoying man from the novel and the lovable quirkiness of Smith's 11th Doctor from the series Doctor Who.

There were some other good parts of the movie, but overall we were in agreement that the plot seemed rushed on the P&P aspects and disjointed throughout. The sound quality was bad and there were sections that were hard to hear and we felt we were missing something important.

We all missed some scenes from the book that we did enjoy like nearly everything about Charlotte Lucas who was pretty much cut out of the movie but for a few small scenes.

If you are interested in watching the movie, I highly suggest gathering a group of friends, putting together an array of snacks and not taking the movie seriously.

Happy Viewing!



  1. I, too, had intended to catch this flick in the theatre but, whoosh, it was gone. It looked like it could be a fun spoof, and I suppose I'll enjoy it as such when I catch it on cable. I've never read the P&P zombie books so I had no idea what to expect. I guess as long as Abe Lincoln didn't show up, I'd be able to chow down all my popcorn and isn't that what really counts?

    1. I can tell you Abe Lincoln didn't show up! I say grab your popcorn and enjoy this not really period movie but not really zombie movie. It's good for a laugh.


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