Fun Friday - Jane Austen Trivia Answers

Here are the answers. How many did you get right?

  • Along with the story Evelyn, this title makes up the whole of the third volume of the Juvenilia collection. - What is Catharine, or the Bower?
  • The short satirical work, Plan of a Novel, according to Hints from Various Quarters, was written by Jane in response from a letter from this man. - Who is Rev. James Clarke?
  • This brother would become Jane's literary agent. - Who is Henry?
  • Jane accepted and declined a proposal from this family friend. - Who is Harris Bigg-Wither?
  • The following quote is from this novel: "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." - What is Northanger Abbey?
  • Neither Northanger Abbey or Persuasion have been made into major motion pictures, however both have been adapted for stage and television including a Northanger Abbey inspired episode of this children's program starting a dog. - What is Wishbone?
  • This nonfiction book was written by a member of the Central NJ Region of JASNA. - What is Among the Janeites?
  • Isabel, Laura, and Marianne are characters in this epistolary story. - What is Love and Freindship?
  • During the Regency Era these were put on display at the British Museum. - What are the Elgin Marbles?

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