It's Monday! What are you reading? - Reading Challenges 2017

I'm all about reading challenges. I find they add to my yearly reading goals. While exploring some blogs to find some new challenges for 2017, I found these two that I think you all might enjoy.

All About Austen


  • The Challenge runs from January 1 – December 31, 2017 (although you can sign up any time).
  • Anything inspired by the author counts (film adaptations, spin-offs and of course the originals)
  • Overlaps with other challenges are fine.
  • You do not need a blog to participate.
  • I will also have a monthly post to link to all reviews.


  • Austen Adventurer — read/watch 3 items
  • Austen Aficionado — read/watch 6 items
  • Austen Addict — read/watch 12 items

What Would Jane Do?:  
Challenge Categories:
Books only written by Jane Austen herself:
A Touch of Pride: Read 1-3 books
Learning Sense: Read 4+ books
Books Written by Austen, spin-offs, sequels, and books that use her as a fictional character:
Expanding Emmagination: Read 1-3 books by Jane Austen and 1-3 books that fall into one of the other categories
Jane’s Persuasion: Read 4+ books by Jane Austen and 4+ books from the other categories
The final two levels of dedication go above and beyond all the other ones. The books can either be hers or a spin-off, sequel, use her as a fictional character, non-fiction about her, and the movies based off of her, her books, or that use her books as a key element.
Jane’s Wisdom: Read 3-5 books, Watch 3-5 movies
What Would Jane Do Official Challenge: Read 8+ books, Watch 8+ Movies

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