Happy Birthday Pride and Prejudice

"I want to tell you that I have got my own darling Child from London . . . The Advertisement is in our paper to day for the first time . . . ." —Jane Austen, letter to Cassandra Austen, January 29, 1813

1796 - "First Impressions' begun

1797 - "First Impressions" completed and offered by Austen's father to a publisher, but rejected sight unseen.

1811 - Extensive revision of "Frist Impressions" as Pride and Prejudice begun.

1812 - Pride and Prejudice's copyright purchased for £110 by Thomas Egerton.

1813 - Pride and Prejudice published. "...the novel was announced for sale in an ad in the Morning Chronicle on January 28, 1813: a three-volume set priced at 18 shillings. The title page credited the novel to 'the Author of Sense and Sensibility."

fall 1813 - Second edition of Pride and Prejudice published

1817 - Third edition of Pride and Prejudice published.

This information was culled from the JASNA website.  You can find the publication timeline here and the background information on Pride and Prejudice here.

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