Friday Link Up

A Long-Lost Jane Austen Letter is Found, and Other News From the Week - Verily

The Best Netflix Movies Based on True Stories - Refinery 29
- Becoming Jane is included on the's a good list otherwise.

Pride & Prejudice FanFiction That'll Have You Saying, "Oh Mr. Darcy!" -

Idyllic walks figure prominently in The Jane Austen Diet - The Takeout

World Book Day: The 25 best books by women - Independent

Gwyneth Paltrow's Best Performances: From Sliding Doors to Country Strong - People

Philippa Perry Q&A: "I used to love Jane Austen - now I think she was a snob" - NewStatesman

The 7 Best Paul Rudd Roles -

The best audiobooks and podcasts to download from Audible - RadioTimes

26 books every feminist should read before the age of 26 - The Tab

This Guy Ate Like Jane Austen's Characters for Two Years - And Was Amazed by the Results - CookingLight

What did London really look like 200 years ago? - The Telegraph

Keira Knightly's Best Roles in Period Pieces - AMC

What Jane Austen Can Teach Us About Wellness - Vogue

Books reinterpret 'Pride and Prejudice' centuries later - The Mercury

Teaching Jane Austen to sex offenders - salon

8 Modern Romance Novels That Jane Austen Would Definitely Read -

The Jane Austen Garden Trail - Chawton House

Leave Jane Austen Out of This - Jezebel

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