Box Hill Picnic is on August 15th

Just a friendly reminder, our Box Hill Picnic is on August 15th at 2pm, this Saturday, in Holmdel Park. Joining us will be mystery writer Peggy Erhart as she shares with us her insights into Emma as a mystery novel.

Please RSVP by August 11 to Meredith

Meeting Place: The "Forest Edge" shelter is located the center of Holmdel Park adjacent to a playground and paved path. It is within walking distance to the pond and restrooms. We will meet there. If you get lost or are running late, call Meredith (phone number in newsletter)

What to bring: chair, bagged lunch (it is a picnic after all), sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, dessert provided

Directions: The street address is 44 Longstreet Road
· Garden State Parkway to Exit 114. Southbound, turn right onto Red Hill Rd; northbound, turn left onto Red Hill Rd. Follow Red Hill Rd. to Everett Rd., turn right (heading west). Follow Everett Rd. to Roberts Rd., turn left. Follow Roberts Rd. to Longstreet Rd.; turn right to Park on left.
· State Hwy. 34 to Roberts Rd. (1.75 miles north of Rt. 520). Southbound, turn left; northbound, turn right. Follow Roberts Rd. to Longstreet Rd., turn left. Park is on left.
· State Hwy. 35 to Holmdel/Keyport Rd. Northbound, turn left; southbound, and turn right. Follow Holmdel/Keyport Rd. to Crawfords Corner Rd., turn left. Continue to Longstreet Rd., turn right Park is on right.

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