"The Ten Essential Penguin Classics"

The Penguin Classics Screening Room Special, "The Ten Essential Penguin Classics." click here for link.
"The Ten Essential Penguin Classics" was written, produced, performed, and directed by Penguin personnel. It features a dozen Penguin staffers speaking about their favorite classics and why they think the books are essential. Pride and Prejudice is one of their "Ten Essentials."

Each title in the countdown features a skit written, acted and directed by Penguin employees. Two Penguin employees play Laura, a well-read Classics fan, and David, a young man well-versed in bad pickup lines. After each skit an "expert" from the Penguin office mentions the specific classic referenced and briefly describes the work's significance in terms of plot, characters, overarching themes, and what makes the classic essential.

Also on the site is a consumer sweepstakes where you can write in and vote for your favorite classic from the list or share another classic you think is essential; the winner wins all ten Essential titles and a Penguin tote bag. The winner of the contest will be posted on December 1st. If you like what you see, stay tuned because each Tuesday there will be a new page to the Essential minisite featuring an in depth look at the books on the list as they countdown to the number one classic.

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