Hold the date! Dec 18 at Connie"s!

We just wanted to remind everyone of our upcoming meeting on December 18 at 2pm at Connie's house in Freehold. We will be discussing Jane Austen's Juvenilia, specificially "Catharine, or the Bower," "Love and Freindship," and "The History of England."

Additionally, we we will be having a "Book Pollyanna" or book present exchange---purchase a book that you would like to recieve in the $7-10 range and wrap it, then we will draw numbers and pick a present. It is a fun way to receive a book that you might enjoy that you would not have picked out yourself.

Also, please bring a light snack to share-cookies or a sweet bread, small veggie tray or chips and salsa--enough for 5-7people. Don't go overboard as there will be lots of us bringing things, plus a birthday cake for Jane Austen's birthday. Just a little treat. :)

More importantly, bring a sense of fun and high spirits for we are celebrating Jane Austen's birthday! Huzzah!

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