1820s Wedding Dress

Ackermann’s Repository of Fashions featured this wedding dress in August 1829.

The round dress is of Brussels lace over a slip of white gros de Tours. The body of the slip is cut low and square while the corsage of the dress is made up to the throat and fastens to the back. It sets close to the shape round the upper part of the bust, but has a little fullness at the bottom of the waist. The wedding dress features long sleeves à l’Imbécille over the manche à la bêret of the slip. A bias (a band that is cut diagonally) of white lace that is finished at the upper edge by a white satin rouleau, goes round the skirt and is surmounted by an embroidery of uncommon depth and beauty.

A Turkish pelisse of white satin is worn over the lace dress. It is open in front with the corsage falling over the bust in a deep fold, which is divided on the shoulder. A satin rouleau edges the front and corsage of the pelisse; the bottom of which has no other trimming than an ourlet of uncommon breadth.

The hair is arranged in front in the Madonna style with full bows on the crown of the head. The head-dress features a garland of orange flowers and a Brussels lace veil. Accessories include a pearl necklace from which is suspended a diamond cross; diamond earrings; gold bracelets à la Grecque with diamond clasps; white satin slippers laced in the sandal style; and white kid gloves.

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