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Nancy Kelley posted a comment on Wednesday's blog post featuring the Jane Austen Stamps.

Are these actual British stamps?

Yes they are!

Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte are the only two British female authors to be solely featured on stamps. I found a website with this collection information. Books and Authors on Postage Stamps

Below, 1975 series of stamps honoring Jane Austen on the bicentenary of the author's birth, issued by Great Britain. Designs, from left: Mr. Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice; Catherine Morland, from Northanger Abbey; Emma and Mr. Woodhouse, from Emma; Mary and Henry Crawford, from Mansfield Park.

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  1. Nancy Kelley18.5.12

    How delightful! I'm not a stamp collector, but I think I could easily become a collector of all things Austen. I wonder how difficult it would be to find an unused sheet of these stamps.


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