Austen in August: A Reading Event

While reading one of the many book blogs that I follow, I stumbled across a posting for this event.  I had to check it out and after talking with Adam who writes Roof Beam Reader I'll be writing at least one guest post for his blog next month.   I'm really excited about diving into the growing stack of Jane Austen books in my To Be Read pile.

If you are also interested in this even head on over to AUSTEN IN AUGUST: SIGN-UP POST!

Even if you don't want to sign up, read along with me!  Let me know what you're reading and once you're done what you thought of the book.

Right now I have plans to read:



  1. Ksagun1320.7.12

    Since I've read all of Austen (most books multiple times) I'm going to try and read some of the Austen-related stuff on the TBR shelves. Possibly Jane Austen and Crime; The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen; and/or a YA book called Sorcery and Cecelia which is set in the Regency period. Or Georgette Heyer! I have The Uncommon Ajax as well.

  2. Let us know how it goes and what you think of what you end up reading!


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