Austen in August - Week 1

So this first "week" of August is only a few days long, but it is the start of Roof Beam Readers "Austen in August" reading event.

I wrote a guest post for the blog which is up today.  I talked a little bit about us and gave some book suggestions for the different types of Austen Readers.  You know the purists, the ones who will read anything even remotely related to Jane and her works and those of us who are bit picky in what we'll read.

Are You a Jane-ite? 

A few years ago I wouldn’t have said I was, but now that’s changed.  I’m the social media developer/webmaster for my local chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA).  It all started when a grad school friend of mine asked if I had seen their blog.  Yes, I’d seen it and their meetings sounded interesting, but I was wary, I didn’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of middle aged women obsessed with Mr. Darcy. 
We decided to check out their next meeting before we decided if we wanted to join JASNA.  Luckily it wasn’t a group of middle aged women obsessed with Mr. Darcy, it was a group of all aged women obsessed with Jane Austen.
We are the Central New Jersey chapter of JASNA. We typically meet four to six times a year to share in all things Jane. Previous meetings have included book discussions, movie viewings, guest speakers, concerts, and much, much, more. We love to read, and we spend a good portion of our meetings exchanging the titles of books.
Head over to Roof Beam Reader for the rest of my guest post.

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