Covenhoven House

In the past we have held our Box Hill Picnic at Monmouth Battlefield Park, but this year we will be haveing our August meeting at the Covenhoven House in Freehold, NJ. 

Source: Monmouth County Tourism Covenhoven House
 The house was built circa 1753 by the Covenhovens.  This house was the headquarters for British General Henry Clinton prior to the Battle of Monmouth in 1778.  

The house is currently furnished according to the 1790 inventory of the estate.  The museum offers open-hearth cooking demonstrations to groups and does have days it is open to the public.

For more information you can visit the following webpages: Monmouth County  Tourism, The Monmouth County Historical Association, and for more pictures Covenhoven House - Freehold, NJ Patch

While I was looking up information for this post I got sidetracked into information on the Battle of Monmouth.  

The battle was a tactical British victory, as the rearguard successfully covered the British withdrawal. However, strategically it was a draw, as the Americans were ultimately left in possession of the field, and had, for the first time, demonstrated that the Continental Army regiments could stand against British regulars.[6]

It is also said to be the battle where the story of Molly Pitcher was first started.  She followed her husband to battle and help keep the cannons and men cool. The day of the battle it was so hot that many of the fallen were believed to have died due to heat stroke. When a man fell, she took up his position and fought beside her husband.

I think Jane would have be proud of her, what do you think?

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