Jane Austen’s Roasted Pheasant

Photo from Bite From the Past
On Saturday (12/1) Bite From the Past shared a great holiday recipe Jane Austen's roasted Pheasant or Cornish Game Hens

The gentlemen of Jane Austen’s day were fond of hunting and hunting parties were often rowdy, weeks-long affairs with hunters moving from one grand estate to another. Their wives followed, and often there were huge dinners and dances held in private ballrooms to celebrate-and partake of the day’s catch. 

This recipe, from Cooking with Jane Austen by Kirsten Olsen, is specifically made for pheasant. 

The original recipe reads:
Roast them either drawn or larded, or with a stuffing made with the livers minced, with grated bacon, parsley and scallions shred fine, pepper and salt, and covered with slices of bacon and paper. Serve them with sauce a la Provencal, or any other sauce in the fashionable taste. They may be served also in patty hot or cold, or in a tureen.

For the full recipe please visit the blog post here and for more Jane Austen  recipes from the blog go here.

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