Wordless Wednesday #3

Image can no longer be viewed on the webpage. You can find it by going to Sense and Sensibility Map at PemberlyPond

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is a nicely done map, and you really get a sense for how far the Dashwood family had to travel. I know all of us in the modern world (myself included) tend to pooh-pooh the Dashwoods' hardships in a "oh, the poor Dashwoods, they only have ONE maid now" turn of phrase, but it must have been a huge deal for women like them to be wrenched from their homes and made to move all the way across the country with no real agency to do anything about these kind of huge changes in their lives.

    P.S. JASNA's website also links to maps of each of the novels. They're not quite as pretty as this one but they are useful tools.


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