Book Recommendation - Mrs Bennet's Menopause

We were contacted recently about a book and I was intrigued by the title. The book is only available through ebook format.  It sounds like an interesting read.  If you read it let us know how it is!

Mrs. Bennet's Menopause by Lucy Kate King

Decription from Amazon:
If you thought Jane Austen’s Mrs. Bennet was only “a woman of mean understanding, little information and uncertain temper”, think again. In this post ‘Pride and Prejudice’ novel she is on a journey that reveals more than her creator dared.

With the confetti fallen and three daughters married there is some respite for Mrs. Bennet, but there is no lying down on the chaise longue. Other issues are pressing; Mary and Kitty still need husbands, the family faces eviction if their father dies, Mr. Bennet grows more distant daily and on top of this, she is struggling with the menopause. With alcohol forbidden, sex unlikely and her own self-esteem under threat she is in trouble.

Four single men of varying backgrounds arrive in Meryton. While forwarding her match-making plans for the girls, Mrs. Bennet is unaware of the danger to her own marital situation…..
We were contacted by Lucy's husband who had this to say:
 She is an absolute Jane Austen fan and this whole project has been a labour of love.  We live a short distance from the little village of Godmersham in Kent, England where Jane Austen wrote her first drafts of "Sense and Sensibility" and "Pride and Prejudice".

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