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Finding Colin FirthFinding Colin Firth by Mia March
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From the author of The Meryl Streep Movie Club, a “heart-warming,  spirit-lifting read just in time for beach season” (Kirkus Reviews), comes a new novel about three women, connected in secret and surprising ways, who are  in for a life-changing summer when rumor has it that actor Colin Firth  is coming to their Maine town to film a movie. 
After losing her job and leaving her beloved husband, journalist Gemma Hendricks is sure that scoring an interview with Colin Firth will save her career and marriage. Yet a heart-tugging local story about women, family ties, love, and loss captures her heart— and changes everything. The story concerns Bea Crane, a floundering twenty-two-year-old who learns in a deathbed confession letter that she was adopted at birth. Bea is in Boothbay Harbor to surreptitiously observe her biological mother, Veronica Russo—something of a legend in town—who Bea might not be ready to meet after all. Veronica, a thirty-eight-year-old diner waitress famous for her “healing” pies, has come home to Maine to face her past. But when she’s hired as an extra on the bustling movie set, she wonders if she is hiding from the truth . . . and perhaps the opportunity of a real-life Mr. Darcy. 
These three women will discover more than they ever imagined in this coastal Maine town, buzzing with hopes of Colin Firth. Even the conjecture of his arrival inspires daydreams, amplifies complicated lives, and gives incentive to find their own romantic endings. 
I really enjoyed reading this book, even though there were some predictable elements. Bea falls for Patrick; is warned off Patrick by Tyler; is warned about Tyler by Patrick; finds Tyler's sister Maddy charming...(do you see where this is headed?) Predictable yes, but in a book about Colin Firth I would expect no less.  I kind of knew how Gemma and her husband Alex would find their balance.

Another element I enjoyed was this guy who was running around town yelling about Colin Firth signing autographs in different locations.  Of course Colin was not in town, he wasn't due to arrive until later in the shoot and with delays I was starting to wonder if Colin would show up at all in the book.

There was so much going on with this book.  Besides the flutter around the movie there is a lot of discussion about adoption and parenthood. Gemma got an assignment to work on an article for the paper about the 50th Anniversary of Hope Home.  Hope Home is a home for pregnant teens.  It's where Veronica lived before she gave birth to Bea.  Gemma spends her time interviewing mothers who gave up their children, mothers who adopted and the children who were adopted.  While Gemma is writing about this, she is also dealing with recently finding out she's pregnant. She doesn't know how she's going to deal with being a mother and finding a balance between her dreams of work and a family.  While Veronica is dealing with connecting with Bea, she's also spending time with Nick who is dealing with being a single father.

Even if you aren't a Colin Firth/Mr. Darcy fan this book is a cute enjoyable read.  I couldn't put it down and I plan on going back to read Mia March's other book.

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