Fun Friday! - What's Your Jane Austen Name?

SparkLife (part of SparkNotes) posted a fun article to determine what you're name would be if you were in a Jane Austen Novel.

My name would be Emma Susan Bennet

What's your Jane Austen name?

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite type of cheese.
  • Cheddar: Charles/Catherine
  • Mozzarella: Fitzwilliam/Marianne
  • Swiss: George/Elizabeth
  • Colby: Frank/Isabella
  • Gouda: Philip/Georgiana
  • Parmesan: Robert/Emma
  • American: William/Louisa
  • Monterey Jack: Thomas/Lydia
  • Other/None: John/Mary
Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the planet you’d most like to visit. (…even though some of them have been destroyed, are no longer considered plants, or do not have breathable atmospheres. Use your imagination!)
  • Pluto: Henry/Charlotte
  • Vulcan: Edmund/Susan
  • Tatooine: Frederick/Eliza
  • Gallifrey: James/Jane
  • Raxacoricofallapatorius: Christopher/Maria
  • Mars: Brandon/Henrietta
  • Cybertron: Tom/Margaret
  • Krypton: Edward/Augusta
  • Other: Walter/Harriet
Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the month your best friend was born.
  • January: Woodhouse
  • February: Tilney
  • March: Morland
  • April: Bennet
  • May: Knightley
  • June: Price
  • July: Eliot
  • August: Darcy
  • September: Dashwood
  • October: Bertram
  • November: Thorpe
  • December: Bingley

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