Program Recap - Tea4U: Tea and Talk

When we arrived at Tea4U at The White House in Oakhurst, the table was set and it looked great.

There was a table set up as with examples from a history of tea.  On this table include examples of a Regency era tea set, a replica of the tea set owned by George Washington, and a cup with a guard to protect a gentleman's mustache. 

We had a choice of black or green tea.  I opted for the Earl Gray green tea (it was very good I ended up buying a bag).  The treats started off with scones.

We also had carrot hummus, cucumber sandwiches with coconut butter, and chicken salad sandwiches. 

We also had some sweet treats. These were like mini-pies with raspberries on top.  We also had an apple trifle. 

As the tea wound down, Kirsten started her talk on tea and the Regency era.  She started off with a history of tea and the different kinds of tea. A lot of what she talked about can be found in the podcast we shared on Friday.  Below is an example of black, oolong, and green teas. 

A Regency era tea cup. Notice that there is no handle. The saucer is also deeper than we use today.

You can find all our pictures on our Facebook Page.  It was a wonderful day and we highly suggest checking out Tea4U!

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