#AustenInAugustRBR - Book Review: Pride, Prejudice and Popcorn by Carrie Sessarego

Pride, Prejudice and Popcorn: TV and Film Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Jane EyrePride, Prejudice and Popcorn: TV and Film Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre by Carrie Sessarego
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Going into this book, I wondered why these three novels and questioned whether this author was one of those people who assumed these authors were contemporaries. Well, I had to make though almost all of the books for the reason - because she wanted to.  Carrie Sessarego knows that these authors weren't contemporaries and she knows that they have little in common, but she does a wonderful job of breaking down the novels and their movie adaptations.  She even goes a little further and does some comparing and contrasting between the novels.

The main chunk of this book is broken down like this:

  • novel summary
  • grouped chapter breakdowns
  • what a good adaptation should have
  • reviews of movies
  • bests in categories like characters, costumes, settings, ect.
What I liked most, was the chapter breakdowns were like sitting down over coffee with some friends and gossiping about people.  Carrie adds a snarky aspect that mimics personal conversation between friends. Everything is done from her likes and dislikes so you may not find that her favorite adaptation is to your liking, but she tends to be pretty open and honest about aspects of the movies. 

It's worth checking out if you would like to see what adaptations are out there for these novels.  Which movies are worth watching for their likeness to the novels and which are worth watching because they are nothing like the novels. Also if you want to find a like opinion that nothing about Wuthering Heights is romantic at all. 

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