GoodReads Monday - Jane Austen's England

I went looking for some new memes to keep the blog fresh and new ideas coming. I found one called GoodReads Monday. You look back through your GoodReads To Be Read list and share the oldest book on there. I tend to mark nearly any Jane Austen related book as To Be Read so I'll be sharing some of them in hopes, I'll get myself to read it or interest you into reading a book you may have missed.

Jane Austen's England
Title: Jane Austen's England
Author:  Roy and Leslie Adkins
Publication Date: August 15, 2013
Date Added to List: July 15, 2013

Synopsis: Billed as a cultural snapshot of everyday life in the world of Jane Austen. The book discusses topics such as  birth, marriage, religion, sexual practices, hygiene, highwaymen, and superstitions. It also includes the topics of chores like fetching water to healing with medicinal leeches, from selling wives in the marketplace to buying smuggled gin, from the hardships faced by young boys and girls in the mines to the familiar sight of corpses swinging on gibbets, Jane Austen’s England offers an authoritative and gripping account that is sometimes humorous, often shocking, but always entertaining. 

Why I Wanted to Read It: It just sounded like a really interesting read and a more solid way in learning about the time period. 

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