First Line Friday - Lovers' Vows



SCENE I. A high road, a town at a
distance--A small inn on one side of
the road--A cottage on the other.

The LANDLORD of the inn leads
AGATHA by the hand out of his house.

LANDLORD.  No, no!  no room for you any longer--It is the fair to-day
in the next village; as great a fair as any in the German dominions.
The country people with their wives and children take up every corner
we have.

AGATHA.  You will turn a poor sick woman out of doors who has spent her
last farthing in your house.

LANDLORD.  For that very reason; because she _has_ spent her last

AGATHA.  I can work.

LANDLORD.  You can hardly move your hands.

AGATHA.  My strength will come again.

LANDLORD.  Then _you_ may come again.

AGATHA.  What am I to do?  Where shall I go?

LANDLORD.  It is fine weather--you may go any where.

AGATHA.  Who will give me a morsel of bread to satisfy my hunger?

LANDLORD.  Sick people eat but little.

AGATHA.  Hard, unfeeling man, have pity.

LANDLORD.  When times are hard, pity is too expensive for a poor man.
Ask alms of the different people that go by.

AGATHA.  Beg!  I would rather starve.

- Lovers' Vows by Elizabeth Inchbald

Full text can be found on Project Gutenberg

More information about the play can be found on Wikipedia

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