CNJ JASNA Meeting Discussion

This past weekend we had a discussion on some articles about Persuasion.

 "She Had Only Navy-Lists and Newspapers for Her Authority" by Hazel Jones 
  • We discussed Ann tracking Wentworth's movements in these navy lists and how because of the size it would have been easy to sneak into Kellynch since her father disapproved of the naval advancement in society. 
  • We discussed James Stanier Clarke's connection. He founded the Chronicle, which published naval news.  When Austen went to Carlton House for a meeting with her, the Chronicle had just recently published a line about Charles' sloop taking a prize. 
  • We liked that one of the ships shown on a list in the article was called Love & Friendship
  • We discussed how safe the publication of these lists were, and how US publications were pulling information from these naval lists.  Once the War of 1812 started, they stopped reporting locations of their ships.

  • This article starts off by discussion the relationship of Louisa and Benwick and the different sides that Ann and Wentworth take on the relationship.  So who do you agree with, Ann or Wentworth?
  • We also discussed if Benwick is fickle, following the time line from when he learned about Fanny's death to his romance with Louisa. 
  • We discussed the match and if it was good match and if Louisa's changed demeaner was a factor.
  • If Wentworth had really pursued Louisa, would Ann have ended up with Elliot or Benwick?  We had more votes for Benwick, no votes for Elliot, and a few votes with neither. 

  • We talked about how it's hard to take what Austen took from her real life and incorporated into her novels.  That said, this article shows proof that we can assume she used her brother's prize money as the basis for Wentworth's prizes (Wentworth got more than Charles really did!). 
  • We discussed the comparison of Jane's sister-in-law Fanny and Mrs. Croft.  Both are dedicated navy wives who loved their husbands. 
  • Then we discussed the Admiral John Warren and Admiral Croft. Both men were good natures, caring, and liked kids.
  • There was realism in the novels characterizations as well as the friendship between the sailors. A kind of brotherhood between men who choose a life. 
  • There article goes on to discuss the connections to Mansfield Park. We only talked about the crosses Charles purchased for his sisters with his prize money like William purchased for Fanny. 
  • We were all happy with the revised ending
  • You can read the original chapters here -

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