Friday Link Up

9 Cookbooks for Anyone Who, Well, Loves Books - Reader's Digest

Gin Cocktails with a Literary Twist - Minnesota Monthly

People are obsessed with relationship age gaps - but only when the woman is older - Stylist

Disease, dependence and death: The dark reality behind Jane Austen's pearlescent prose - Independent

I Like to Read Other People's Mail - The Epoch Times

Eight-sided home in grounds of 12th century abbey which inspired... - Daily Mail

Top 10 houseguests in fiction - The Guardian

Quiz: Which Literary Sister Pair Are You? - BookRiot

A library of one's own: Meet the man who owns 12,000 books - The Age

Fathers in fiction - The Telegraph

How Dickens and Austen employed rain as a literary tool - The Times

The Brilliance of Emma Thompson - The Ringer

Female Friendships Are the Best, Until They Aren't - Time

Jane Austen's House Museum appeals for help from the public to obtain historic Jane Austen letter for collection - Basingstoke Gazette

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