Friday Link Up

5 new summer books: A 'Pride and Prejudice' retelling, 2 thrillers, a crazy sports tale and a tender middle-grade novel - Deseret News

20 New Beach Reads with Super Cute Covers You're Going to Love - Book Riot

18 Maid of Honor Speech Quotes That Perfectly Describe How Much You Love Your Best Friend - Yahoo Lifestyle

Does replacing a male lead with a female hero automatically create a new balance of power? - The Hindu

Ms Binat and Mr Darsee: Reimagining 'Pride and Prejudice' in the subcontinental and Muslim worlds - The National

Op-Ed: The ultimate feminist issue: pockets - Los Angels Times (mentions Austen, but just a really good op-ed cause let's be honest...we need pockets!)

Jane Austen's Hypochondriacs - Psychology Today

What Happens When Your Mom Writes Romance Novels - KRCU

7 Epistolary Time Travel Stories - Den of Geek!

Crowdsourcing the Purchase of a Jane Austen Letter - Fine Books & Collections

What We Want From the BBC's Upcoming Adaptation of Dracula - SyFy Wire

23 Wedding Readings From Jane Austen to Show Off How Ardently You Love Your Partner - Bustle

Announcing: The Mental Floss Book Club - Mental Floss

Summer Reads, Recommended by Women of The New York Times - The New York Times

The Best Jane Austen Totes on Amazon - Book Riot

Rewriting Jane Austen is an industry. But this version of 'Pride and Prejudice' in Pakistan shines - Scroll

'First Impressions' a well-rounded success - Brookings Register

The top 5 mansions to visit in Upstate New York - Observer-Dispatch

Thinking about and with Jane - Patheos

Rebuilding Jane Austen's Library - Lapham's Quarterly

At the Library: Jane Austen is a gift that keeps giving - Yakima Herald

The Forgotten Feminine Tale of Tea - Verily

Introducing Young Readers to Classics with Graphic Novels - Book Riot

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