Regency Man Monday - Edward Austen Knight

"I am tolerably glad to hear that Edward's income is so good a one -
as glad as I can at anybody's being rich besides you & me -
& I am thoroughly rejoiced to hear of his present to you."
 - Jane to Cassandra, January 8, 1799
What we know:
  • He was born on October 7, 1767 and he died on November 19, 1852
  • He was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knight II of Godmersham in 1783
  • He married Elizabeth Bridges in December of 1791.
  • He had eleven children.
  • He owned three estates in Steventon, Chawton, and Godmersham.
  • After the death of his father he moved his mother and sisters into Chawton Cottage
  • After the death of Elizabeth his sisters were an integral part in the raising of his children.
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