Regency Man Monday: Sir Francis William Austen

"If you don't buy a muslin Gown now on the strength of this Money, & Frank's
promotion, I shall never forgive You."
-Jane to Cassandra, December 28, 1798
Frank Austen was born April 23, 1774.  He went to the Royal Naval Academy at 11 and spent the whole of his career in the navy.  He left service as an admiral.  Frank was married twice. First to Mary Gibson in July of 1806.  Frank and Mary had 11 children. Mary passed away in 1823. In 1828, Frank married Martha Lloyd, Jane's close friend. They had no children of their own.

Frank served in the Navy from 1786-1865.  He rose quickly through the ranks, it is believed this was due to a connection with Warren Hastings. He rose to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet (the highest rank in the British Royal Navy). Frank served during the French Revolutionary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Crimean War.  He received the Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.

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