President's Day - History Repeats

Honestly, I'm off on what day of the week it is and needed to find a quick post.  I'm repeating a post from 2012. Sorry I'll do better the rest of the week. - A.

Today we celebrate Presidents' Day, a day intended to celebrate all of our presidents with emphasis on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Today I thought I would focus on those presidents who were in office during Jane's life and the end of the Regency period.

So what was going on in America between 1775 and 1820?

1775-1783 Revolutionary War
1776 The United States officially declares independence/Creation of the Articles of Confederation.
1788 Constitution Ratified
1789-1779 George Washington
1797-1801 John Adams
1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson
1809-1817 James Madison
1817-1825 James Monroe

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